An app to find places to see permaculture and appropriate technology firsthand

Center for Permaculture and Appropriate Technology app

A screenshot of the Center for Permaculture and Appropriate Technology web app.

I’ve started developing a mobile-oriented web application to provide visitors a brief overview of the permaculture and appropriate technology and then locate the nearest opportunity to visit an organization that practices permaculture or appropriate technology.

The app, in a short walkthrough, will describe how these concepts fit into sustainable building and community design because these concepts are the best methods for eliminating the need for energy use at the current levels in developed countries and that require fossil fuels.

You can demo the app right now.

We’re collecting information about places in North America where permaculture and appropriate technology practices are used. See our current database and leave a comment below with your suggestion about additional locations. (Not every location we’re listing needs to be publicly accessible; in those cases where the public is unable to see the work, this provides the contact information for interested persons to make their own introductions.)

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