Finding where permaculture and appropriate technology is “done”

Screenshot of finding appA hackathon this weekend sponsored by the City of Chicago, Worldwide Wildlife Fund and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, inspired me to think about an app to promote permaculture and appropriate technology, the two themes for our project that won the nation’s first Living Building Challenge (for a hypothetical site).

The Wheels, Energy and Trash Hackathon is the second part of the Cleanweb Challenge. I spoke at an event on Earth Day about technology and the Chicago Sustainability 2015 Plan to precede the Cleanweb Challenge. I then participated as a judge in the first hackathon, invited by Deputy Sustainability Officer Aaron Joseph.

The Center for Permaculture and Appropriate Technology (C4PAT) proposal shares two of the three focus areas in Wheels, Energy and Trash: energy efficiency and using public transit. More specifically, C4PAT focused on creating the correct proportions of myriad transportation modes that favors non-polluting modes first and then more efficient modes like public transit.

I developed an app on Tuesday that shows users the nearest “doer” of permaculture or appropriate technology. I’ll be submitting it to the Cleanweb Challenge. The app will need the world’s help to create a database of these places. Start now by leaving a comment with the name and location of a place that teaches, uses, advocates, or “does” permaculture or appropriate technology.

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